As part of the NZ Chefs National Salon, we're sharing delicious recipes that feature Independent Fisheries' hoki loin. 

Need an idea for dinner tonight? How about pan fried hoki loin served with Béchamel sauce, pumpkin, parsnip and spinach with balsamic reduction on a bed of instant mash.


420g hoki loin
40g flour
60g onion
60g pumpkin
60g parsnip
10g balsamic reduction
1/2 bunch fresh dill, parsley
125g Maggi béchamel sauce
125g Maggi instant potato
1 small lemon
60g spinach


Boil water for the mash and vegetables
Flour and season hoki loin and fry (for soft, poach hoki with lemon, seasoning and fresh herbs)

Maggi Béchamel - prepare as per instructions

Maggi instant potato - prepare as per package instructions


Place mash on plate and top with vegetables
Place hoki loin on top and pour over béchamel sauce
Add drizzle of balsamic reduction.

Serve with coconut panna cotta served with a basket of fresh fruit. 

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